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SHI International Corp

Information: 249,696 sf // Owner: Brandywine Realty Trust Austin // Architect: GSC Architects // Construction Type: New

Location: Austin, Texas (View Map)

SHI International Corporation's new division headquarters in Austin, Texas is the epitome of the "new workplace" where employees are encouraged to gather, train, create, refine, and deliver digital transformation to its customers. Open, collaborative, light, and colorful, the high-tech atmosphere blends the inside with the soaring outside. The building's entry sequence speaks to soaring creativity with a solid foundation and support. The workspaces are primarily open with a general ratio of 75% open workstations and only 25% closed offices and conference rooms. Throughout the building, areas were designed to encourage collaborative gatherings. Employee amenities abound with dining areas, casual café, outdoor decks, and full exercise and shower areas. Visitors and staff have access to a 6-level 400,000 sf parking garage built to accommodate 1,228 vehicles.

  • LEED Certified LEED Certified