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NI Interiors Renovations Pilot

Information: 28,000 // Owner: NI // Architect: Gensler Austin // Construction Type: Renovation

Location: Austin, Texas (View Map)

The execution of outstanding craftsmanship in the space is truly remarkable. Your team's ability to coordinate numerous subcontractors, manage our expectations, and maintain an aggressive schedule was incredibly impressive. You ensured that the final result not only meets the needs of our top leadership, but also represents the best space our company has to offer. With a project as significant as this, it was essential for us to partner with a highly reputable and incredibly professional contractor. Your team's commitment to excellence and attention to detail have made a lasting impact on NI.

- Scott Strzinek, Senior Director of Global Facilities


White Construction began building for NI (formerly National Instruments) in 1997, with the construction of NI's first corporate office headquarters in Austin. We completed numerous renovations and repurposed areas during our 25-year relationship. 

This most recent work is a pilot project to test the reinvention of NI’s workplace. The project included three phases of renovation within NI’s Building C. We believe Gensler Austin’s brilliant and innovative designs will set a new standard for workplace environments.