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Information: // Architect: Miro Rivera Architects // Construction Type: New

Location: Austin, Texas

After building three houses in the last ten years, your firm stands apart from all others in the industry. In our experience, your corporate values and project objects are unique: they're actually aligned with ours as your customer. Your team really does know what it takes to build one-of-a-kind high-end residential projects. White Construction wasn't just "long" on intent; you were near dead-on when it came to hitting time, cost, and quality commitments. You were always managing my money as if it was your money. You built to a quality level where it was the best product that could be delivered, rather than the least acceptable that you could get by with. You were always out in front of the issues, and were honest and early in raising the flag when issues came up, or an occasional mistake was made. You listened whenever we had an idea, concern, or need -- whether it was translating a design idea into what we really intended, or just keeping the site safe and clean so that our small children could continue to play and live at their home.

- Client