A Legacy in the Making

A Legacy in the Making

September 16, 2021 3:00 pm Back to All News

"From the beginning to the end, you've gotta just maintain a commitment to excellence at everything you're doing..." - Mike Novak, Executive Director - Texas Facilities Commission. 

The 2016 iconic and transformational Texas Capitol Complex Master Plan establishes the Capitol Complex as a destination celebrating the Texas State Capitol with civic spaces, shaded pedestrian-friendly streets, continuous shade, and connections to the surrounding community.

White Construction Company (WCC) was selected as the General Contractor for the 1601 Congress project, recently named after a Texas lawyer, congresswoman, and civil rights advocate who paved the way for Black women in state and congressional office, Barbara Jordan, and the Underground Parking Garage and Pedestrian Mall project. 
1601 Congress, or the Barbara Jordan Building, is a 420,000 sf, 12-story structure with offices, conference facilities, and an assortment of amenities for state government operations, including the State's Child Care Facility. This project reached the Topping Out milestone in March of 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2022.

The Underground Parking Garage and Pedestrian Mall project is a 750,000 sf, five-level underground parking structure that will provide 2,261 parking spaces for State employees. The deepest portion of the garage is 70' below finish grade. The top of which will become a part of the new pedestrian-oriented Texas Mall. The underground garage recently reached the Topping Out milestone in August and is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2022.

WCC, alongside so many skilled teams, takes pride in building the Austin community and contributing to a Texas legacy. It is with pride and excitement that we share our journey of bringing the Capitol Complex vision to life in "A Legacy in the Making," a video tribute to the hard work and dedication of many on this significant undertaking.